Long Bay


Lake Winnipesaukee

Tree Management Committee

Tree Management Committee Members

> Arnie Pierce - Chair/Board Liaison

> John Perkins - member

> David Caban - member

Process / Procedure

Cutting/Clearing Trees or Brush:


The Tree Management Committee must be notified, & prior approval given, before any tree of 4 inches or more in diameter as measured 2 feet from the ground at the base can be removed.  If the tree in question is to be replaced, please inform the Committee of the type of the new tree.  Anyone wishing to cut a tree down, within 250' of the lake, must get additional approval from the City of Laconia and/or the State.


The approval process will include a final review by the Building Committee.


> Complete the Application for Tree Removal or Major Trimming


Please submit this form and any supporting photos or documents to

Evergreen Management at longbay@evergreenmgt.com

Please contact us at longbayassociation@gmail.com