Long Bay


Lake Winnipesaukee

Long Bay Board of Directors


Dick Bordwell

Term:  2019-2022

(Serving one year)

Secretary (acting):

Jay Niederman

Term:  2018-2021

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To contact individual Board members:


Check the Long Bay Directory or call Evergreen Management (603-527-8147)


Richard Hassey

Term:  2018-2020

Board Member:

Scott Palmer

Term:  2019-2022

(Serving one year)

Long Bay Board Meetings:


> Monthly Board Meeting

- Sat., Jan. 25th, 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. via teleconference

Board Member:

John Perkins

Term:  2018-2021

2019 Annual Meeting Results



> The 2019/2020 budget was approved as presented;

> Current Board members Dick Bordwell & Scott Palmer were both re-elected but will only be serving for one year and new Board member Susan Reilly was elected to replace Ira Gurkin;

> Changes in dues payment dates from Jan. 1 to Mar. 1 & July 1 to Sept 1 were approved and online bill paying will be available;

> Clubhouse renovations for $45K were approved with up to $10K for capital improvements to the kitchen area;

> Entrance lights will be replaced;

> Will move forward for state approval of 20 additional moorings;

> Approved special WOW assessment of $100 for Oct. billing;

> For 2020, all golf carts must be insured;

Board Member:

Susan Reilly

Term:  2019-2022

Board Member:

Arnie Pierce

Term:  2018-2020

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Please contact us at longbayassociation@gmail.com