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Golf Cart Usage in Long Bay

Long Bay is a superb environment to travel the community in a golf cart to go to the pool or beach for the day, to visit with neighbors, or just check out what's new in the neighborhood.


All golf carts must be registered (and numbered) with the Long Bay Association and owners must abide by the association regulations. Owners should also check with their individual village association for any parking and storage restrictions.


Golf Cart Registration is Mandatory. All golf carts in both Long Bay and South Down must be registered with Evergreen Management and have a numbered decal. Drivers with no decals will be stopped by security, and fines may be issued as approved by the Safety & Security Committee and the Long Bay Board. If you have not yet registered your golf cart, please contact Evergreen Management and they will provide you with a registration packet.


Golf Cart owners are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance.  Please see the Golf Cart Waiver form for details.


As with any motorized vehicle, safe operation of golf carts is an absolute necessity.  Please operate your golf cart responsibly, for your safety and the safety of your neighbors.



Evergreen Management


Contact Number:  603-527-8147


email:  longbay@evergreenmgt.com

Golf Cart forms:


All Golf Cart forms below are being revised to include the requirement for insurance

> Golf Cart Rules & Regulations

> Golf Cart Waiver Form for Property Owners - (paper form)

> Golf Cart Waiver Form for Renters



These Rules & Regulations amend all previous Rules & Regulations concerning golf carts. These Rules & Regulations were approved by the Long Bay Homeowners Association II Board of Directors effective December 31, 2019.


1. RegistrationALL golf carts in Long Bay must be registered through Evergreen Management. Each owner must provide Management with a current Certificate of Insurance, including Comprehensive Family Liability coverage or comparable coverage in an amount of at least $100,000.  The Certificate of Insurance must also designate Long Bay Homeowners Association II as an additional insured.  Once this form and Certificate of Insurance are submitted you must obtain two golf cart stickers from Management.


2. Operational Age Requirements - Driver must be at least 16 years of age to operate. Drivers under the age of 16 may operate a golf cart provided there is an adult age 18 or older in the front seat supervising the minor.


3. Operation Guidelines – Golf carts shall be operated only on the right side of the road. Golf cart drivers shall comply with all traffic rules and regulations of the State of New Hampshire.  Golf cart drivers shall yield the right of way to on-coming motor vehicle traffic.  Golf cart drivers must reduce speed when approaching pedestrians who always have the right of way.


4. Passenger Requirements – Golf carts shall not be operated with more passengers than there are seats on the golf cart.  All passengers must remain seated while the cart is moving.


5. Areas of Operation – Golf carts may be operated on the roadways of the Association, in parking lots and on the walkways to the beaches.  They may also be operated on the unpaved path running parallel to Paugus Bay to the beaches and the meeting house, on the small hill that accesses that path and on the paved path that runs from the beaches and the meeting house uphill to Cow Path Lane.  Golf carts may not be operated on trails designated as walking trails, on other common areas, or on the property of another member.


6. Lights – All golf carts must have operational head and tail lights when driving after dark.


7. Mirrors – Golf carts must be equipped with a rear-view mirror.


8. Safety Restrictions – The towing of any person or object is not permitted. Reckless driving to endanger is prohibited and as is any operation of a golf cart which creates a nuisance, or risk of safety or damage to property of others.

Please contact us at longbayassociation@gmail.com