Long Bay


Lake Winnipesaukee

Garden Committee - "Keep Long Bay Beautiful"

Purpose / Charter


Positively impacting the Long Bay Community one flower, one plant, and one bench at a time; incorporating designs that reflect a classic lakeside community.



Working together to build a sense of pride in the Long Bay community by upholding the theme of “KEEP LONG BAY BEAUTIFUL”.


Committee Structure & Membership:

Membership is open to all interested Long Bay Community homeowners reporting to a chairman, who in turn, reports to the Long Bay Board.


Scope, Duties, Responsibilities:

• Volunteers time by designing, digging, and dead-heading.

• Meets formally and informally April to October.

• Organizes the Long Bay Community Planting Day

Garden Committee Members

> Ann Harper - Co-Chair

> Hope Anderson

> Pat Borucki

> Kevin and Doreen Carson

> Linda Crelan

> Wanda Hartigan

> Eileen McCusker

> Kathy Parcell

> Kathy Piotrowski

> Susan Reilly

> Judy Smith

> Dee and Jim Thompson

> Kathy and Dave White

> Dick Bordwell - Board Liaison

> Nancy Washburn - Co-Chair

> Julie and Mark Bodenstab

> Linda and Phil Burns

> Maureen Clausen

> Betty Gonzales

> Rita Krupp

> Dee O'Riordan

> Rosemarie Phillips

> Laura Polakowski

> Sandy Sadja

> Judy and Ken Taylor

> Judy and Peter Waligora

> Carl and Elaine Wikander


Steering Committee



If you are walking around Long Bay wondering what is in bloom, maybe this will help.


In the Water Tower garden we have red peonies in bloom at the back left edge and the ones on the right side are ready to bloom.  In the middle section purple and white Siberian Irises are blooming; Rozanne perennial geraniums, and Neon pinks (Dianthus) are blooming in the front part.  Also close to the front are the Walker’s Low nepetas (cat mint) in full bloom with their frothy foliage and little purple flowers.  It won’t be long until the Happy Returns yellow daylilies will start performing.  The OSO roses are full of blooms now and the azalea is just about finished.  We had one bloom on a lilac bush – first one yet!!  Hopefully there will be more next year.


In the Friendship Garden (down by the boat docks), more Walker’s Low nepeta are in bloom as are lots of purple Siberian Irises and a few multi-colored Portulacas (annuals).


In the Club House garden the Lady’s Mantles are just starting to bloom and the azaleas are finished.


FYI:  The annuals that were planted this year are Supertunia Vista Bubblegums (pink), Supertunia Vista Silverberrys, purple scaevolas, multi-colored Portulacas, and geraniums (in the 8 large pots).


Check back soon to see what else is blooming in our gardens!

Did You Know ?

-  Check back in the Spring of 2020

Garden Committee Schedule

Message to the Long Bay Community

Feel free to stop and pull a weed on your travels through Long Bay

Please contact us at longbayassociation@gmail.com