Long Bay


Lake Winnipesaukee

Facilities/Grounds Committee

Purpose / Charter

The Facilities/Grounds Committee is responsible for ensuring that overall maintenance of Long Bay grounds & facilities are performed in an appropriate & timely manner, as well as the planning of future enhancements to existing grounds or facilities amenities.


Facilities/Grounds Committee Members

> John Perkins - Board Liaison

> Charlie Laros

Meeting Schedule

> Meetings are scheduled as needed to complete current work


Upcoming Projects

Report Maintenance / Property Issues

Completed Projects

> Repaved Cow Path Lane.

> Renewed the surface of the Bocce court.

> Tennis court by lake is now available for Pickleball.

> Replaced gazebo roof.

> Replaced the storm water culvert at the bottom of Teddington Way.

> Replaced the door on the fire shed at the Long Bay entrance.

> Add another Canoe/Kayak rack for the upcoming season.

> Renovated the tennis court by the Long Bay entrance.


New Projects

> Add additional railings to pool steps.

> Renovate the clubhouse.

> Repair tennis court by the lake.

Please report any maintenance issue or property concern to:


> Charlie Laros at cwlaros@hotmail.com




> John Perkins at jpperkins1@juno.com

Please contact us at longbayassociation@gmail.com